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"Letters of Reference"


Copies of original letters available upon special request ( with permission of owners )

Tanya C.

    First, I would like to take the opportunity to comment on your website and your dogs. In my past several months of exploring GSD and breeder sites on the web, I have not come across any that even remotely compare with yours. I strongly admire and appreciate your philosophy and manner of conducting business. And your dogs...they are gorgeous! I certainly get the impression that they are equally superb in temperament.
    I have been a dog-lover since toddlerhood, and the German Shepherd quickly became my favorite breed. I've never had the opportunity to have one as a companion, though. So, I am waiting for that day. Now for my questions: I have been keeping an eye on your "Parents and puppies" page, and have grown fond of Alfa (sounds strange since I've never interacted with her). I think she has exactly the look that appeals to me. We are not yet ready to get a puppy. Do you have an idea of how long you will continue to breed Alfa? Also, how do you go about deciding which dogs to breed together (sire and dam)? Do you ever forsee a breeding between Alfa and Jagos?
    Thank you much for your time!
    Tanya C.

* * *
(Below is Tanya's letter to us after deciding to get one of our wonderful German Shepherds...

* * *

Hi Susan and family,

    Kira is adjusting and fitting in so well! I can't believe we picked her up only 5 days ago! I can tell that sometimes she misses home and her brothers, but she has let me know that she is quite aware and willing to call us "home" now. After I take her outside, she tows me straight back to our house with a force that I didn't know a 10-week old puppy could have. I'm also amazed at how smart she is! From day one, she has been "going potty" outside on command, and has had only a couple of #2 accidents inside the house. In addition, she learned how to "SIT' on command with a hand signal on her 2nd day here! I was so impressed...Kira wasn't...she didn't know what I was making the big fuss about!
    As you told me, she is such a sweetheart! Even though she can get playful and frisky, she also has a calm, gentle disposition. She endeared herself to my whole family since the day she arrived! I caught my husband crouched down in the corner of our kitchen sweet-talking and fussing over her. Now normally, he is neither demonstrative nor a "dog- person". Even my parents adore her and let her come to visit their just-built, newly-carpeted house.
    I can already tell that Kira is going to be that special German Shepherd companion I've wanted since childhood. So, for taking all of that time corresponding with me, for caring so much about your puppies and dogs, for sending us a beautiful and loving puppy, Thank You.

    Tanya C. and family

The M. Family

    Hello from the M. Family,
    We are absolutely nuts about Griffey! What a GREAT personality! He is so mellow and laid back...and I should have named him Einstein 'cause he's so SMART. He hasn't had one "accident" in the house and I don't think he will...he knows he's supposed to go outside. He's so funny when we take him out for a bathroom break, he does his business, then makes a bee-line back to the house, running in that lopey puppy run that always makes me laugh. I LOVE his paws! They're HUGE.
    Michael is in love...he lays on the floor, and Griffey climbs all over him, licking his face, tail wagging, Michael laughing...what a beautiful memory.
    Griffey sleeps on the floor next to the bed on my side...I know in my heart we are forever friends...and the love I have for this beautiful dog will keep growing.
    Susan, I'm so happy I found Vom Waldenhaus...I'm not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination....but I'm thanking "whoever" for leading me to you. I will be in touch, and will send you pictures.
    Gotta run so I can get my boss off to Asia and get out of here to go home to the boys and my wonderful Griffey!!
    Cheers :)

* * *

    Hi Susan and family!
    Have to tell you I think of you often, I haven't e-mailed because I truly ignore the computer and play with Griffey all the time! He is absolutely the most marvelous dog I've ever seen, and I've had dogs since I was six (a very, very long time!)
    Had his first appointment with the vet yesterday - he's 45 lbs! Our vet was nuts about him, loved his personality. He said he liked the way Griffey is so confident, checking out a situation...and remaining calm and cool, but alert. That's my boy! He has the most amazing face...oh, I could go on and on...but I'm sure you know!
    Hope everything is going well for you, your family and your beloved dogs. Happy Thanksgiving (I certainly have 45 lbs of pure joy to be thankful for!!) and here's to health and happiness.

    Best regards,
    Kim and family :)
German Shepherd male

Griffey vom Waldenhaus

Mr. Ed B.

    Hi Susan and Family,
    ...She continues to be a little doll. Yesterday I went out to pick some apples that had fallen on the ground (and that she was eating.) It was hot and crawling around on the ground is not my idea of fun but she thought it was great because I was on her level. She wanted to play so she licked my face, jumped on my back, rolled around near me and just generally got in my way. I couldn't be angry with her though because she's so lovable.
    Thanks getting back to me re her food. It's nice to know there are breeders out there who worry about their dogs even after they're gone. Interesting story for you --- I know a family who just bought a Shepard. I gave them your name but they thought the price was too high and went for one of these $300 - $500 dogs. Big mistake! Their dog, who's about 5 months old, has bitten their kids several times and nipped at the neighbor kids. Not for me thanks. I'll take Annda anytime, no matter the cost. Well, so long for now. Again thanks for re-inforcing my own feelings. I'll send you a picture pretty soon.


    * * *

    Hi Susan,
    You're right. I wouldn't part with her for a million dollars. Actually though, you may have been right about her not being as hard as her brothers and sisters. She is so sweet and even tempered. My grandkids came over yesterday and before I knew it they had dressed her up in some old clothes and were prancing her around the neighborhood. She not only tolerated it, she loved it. She just loves people. In fact, the only problem I have with her is that she greets people boisterously... In all other things, she's a lady. Even if we meet people outside, she's fine. It's just when people come in the house. Well, I just need to have patience with her. She's only a teenager. As far as her size is concerned, I'm going to take her to the Vets office one of these days and weigh her. I usually take her with me when I go somewhere (she loves the car) so I just have to remember to stop at the Vets.
    I'd love to see some pictures of her sister and if she's anything like Annda, she's a great pet and companion. I'll try to get a few more pictures of Annda and send them to you ----


* * *

    Hi Susan and Tom,
    I got Annda's German papers and thanks for sending them. I also must tell you that Annda has finished her obedience training and has been awarded an AKC Good Citizen Title.
    She is truly amazing but what I'm about to tell you surprised even me. This weekend I attended a local Schutzhund Club Trial. I went there just to see what it was like and, in fact, was not even going to bring Annda with me but she had been cooped up in the house for a couple of days (due to my being ill) so I took her. The people at the club were very nice and impressed by Annda and her pedigree which they seemed to recognize. Anyway, it turned out they were going to have a Novice competition (for dogs without or with minimal training in Schutzhund) and they wanted me to enter. I was very reluctant because Annda is so sweet that I knew she would never attack anyone. In fact, I told them she was a great pet but a total failure as a watchdog but they insisted so I reluctantly agreed. They told me what to do and we went through our paces. The first test was a tracking test for which Annda has never had any training at all. She found a wallet in nothing flat. I was amazed! The second test was for her to attack a man who threatened me. When they told me this, I laughed and told them she would probably lick the guy to death. I couldn't believe my eyes. She not only attack the guy but she flatten him. I had to pull her off. I was flabbergasted! She had never done anything like that before but, of course, I had never been threatened. They had 10 dogs in the competition, some of which had recieved minimal training, and she WON. The people in the club were really impressed. She is totally unimpressed.
    I know that every time I write to you I bragg on this dog but she's something to bragg on. She is the sweetess, most loving dog I have ever had but, obviously, she can really protect me as well. Just exactly what I wanted! I'm so proud of her I could bust and I know you will be too. The Schutzhund club is after me to train her and show her but I don't think I will. I like her just the way she is! Well, thanks for giving me a chance to bragg and thanks for giving me Annda.


    P.S. There were a lot of people there who asked about you guys and I dutifully gave them your names. Hope it gets you some business.

Kevin D.
New Jersey

    The Forrest Family,
    Mr. Blackjack is the most wonderful little baby (although he won't be little for much longer!!). He is so cute and friendly and he looks sooooo good. I can barely get down the street because everyone wants to meet him. And he, in turn wants to meet everyone!!
    He loves his crate. He goes in it even when the door is open while I'm at home. He loves to explore all the sights and smells outside. He is also adjusting very well to car rides. Vet appointment is scheduled for 9/16. He is growing fast. He's about 26 lbs. already!! He's starting to stretch out and get that GSD shape. What a hunk!!
    I can't play the video you sent me because when he hears his brothers and sisters, he starts barking and crying. He remembers their voices! He's obviously very intelligent. He sits for treats like a pro. Blackjack is the best. You folks have done an incredible job with him. I wish I could take the original Blackjack (Red Boy in the video) too.
    Well that's all for now. I hope all is well.
    Are any of the other boys in the litter sold?
    I will speak to you soon.


Blackjack vom Waldenhaus, plush coat german shepherd male

Download Czar and Trevor's  profile picture

Download Czar's picture at the beach.
The H. Family

Dear Tom and Susan:
Czar is great! Thanks so much for all the care you took with the breeding and handling to get such a fantastic dog. He has fit into our lives perfectly. After 5 weeks with us not only is he our dog, but we are his people! It took him quite a while before he really felt comfortable with us, probably about 3-4 weeks. We think this is because he is so intelligent, it just took that long before he began to forget his wonderful home in Missouri.
He sleeps in our bedroom and wakes Ron up at 6:30 by tugging on his arm. He very quickly learned that 6:30 is when Ron wakes up to go for the morning 3 mile jog and Czar does LOVE this run. He then goes to work with me and spends the day. He gets lots of attention at Indian Village!! This past weekend we spent a day driving through wine country and Czar had his longest period of being in the van. He just lays down behind our seats and is very quiet. When we stop, if we say stay, he is very content, but if we tell him OK, you can go, he is exuberant! He has learned heel, sit, and stay very well. We are working on down. I plan to take him to obedience classes in the near future. We have trained our previous shepherds so know how to do it....I just feel the socialization with other dogs would be good for him. He loves to romp and wrestle with Ron and Rob. And we now see why you called him Happy. It fits him very well.
Ron fenced in an area about 20X50 on our property, so he would have a place to be off leash and urinate. This works!! (He's just a private dog). Although, we now allow him to run around the property when we are outside with him. We received all the paper work for him and I will check with the vet to see if he needs a booster shot.
Again, thanks for The Czar. I will update you periodically.


Susan H.

The little one's name is Greta, like I originally had said. Something about the sound of it, she already comes to the name! And it's different enough from Star and Hilda so they know it's not them I'm calling. She is so cute. A real character. She slept in her crate next to my bed last night and didn't cry at all. She has gone outside to go to the bathroom all day so far, except for one accident where I wasn't watching. She's pretty predictable when she needs to go, since she just starts wandering around by herself. It's so funny, whenever I move to a different room she follows me right under my feet! She really loves hanging out here with me and the dogs. So here I am, walking around the house with the two Rotts and her following my footsteps! It makes it real easy to see what she is up to, since she never leaves my sight! What a joy she is! And she loves her nap times, laying next to the Rotts. Hilda especially enjoys her company. Hilda took her rope booda bone away from her and Greta barked at her and tried to get it back! She was not afraid of Star or Hilda one bit when she met them. She is so brave- not one noise has scared her.
Thanks for such a sweet girl.... she is really settling in here nicely!

* * *

...I have to say that the addition of Greta has helped tremendously in the grieving process. It's tough to be depressed when I see a vibrant, healthy youngster running around the house! Greta truly is a wonderful pup.
My parents have met her, and have fallen in love with her as well! My mom complements her on her wonderful manners (most of the time!) and her great looks! She already has spoiled her with dog biscuits!
Glad that the other pups are doing fine too. My friends are in disbelief too on how such a young pup can already be housebroken! Good work to you!

* * *

I hope the letter you will use will help other people facing the decision that I had with Hilda and the arrival of Greta. She really helps in the "life must go on" philosophy- she truly is wonderful!

Greta vom Waldenhaus
* * *

Just to let you know that Greta went in today for her 12 wk shots, and my vet was VERY impressed with her. Said she was beautiful and looks great (she weighs 31# now!) He asked where I got her from, and he asked if she was potty trained yet. I said she was in 2 days! He said that shows that she came from a good breeder where she is not treated like a "kennel" dog, but had lots of time and attention as a young pup. I told him that it was true. He lamented on how many dogs he sees come from breeders, and they were just mass produced and the owners have all sorts of problems with housebreaking, and just having the dog be a good pet. So kudos to you! He really liked her, and is looking forward to seeing her in 4 wks. He said that she is really up on her toes, which some dogs are not, especially when they grow so fast. And Greta was the perfect lady, and took the visit in stride. She even gave the vet several kisses! He commented on how many times she had been wormed, but as soon as he found out that she was from MO, he said that it explained it. He practiced in Kansas and said that hookworms were very prevalent in the Midwest and that many litters were lost due to them. So, he understood why she had all the wormings!

* * *

(Copy of a letter Susan H. wrote regarding her experience with us to an interested party)

I received a letter from Susan (Forrest) at Vom Waldenhaus German Shepherds and she mentioned that you want a pup from them but are concerned regarding the shipping of her. I would just like to let you know that I received a female pup at the age of 9 1/2 wks from them on Dec 11th and in no way did the airline flight affect her. I too, was a little concerned, but Susan reassured me that the new parents are usually more fretful of the trip than the pup! And it is absolutely true. When I picked the pup up at Oakland airport (on a rainy night, no less), she was doing fine. I had a friend hold her in her lap on the way home; and other than a bout with carsickness, she was fine! She came in the house and immediately started exploring and playing. I was amazed how fast she adjusted. These pups are so sound in temperment and not afraid of anything (my Rottweiler runs from the vacuum cleaner- not Greta (she just stands next to it!) Please don't worry at all about the flight. She will do fine! There is a period in the pups development (at 8 wks), that many will go through a fearful stage, and an airplane trip can be detrimental. But Vom Waldenhaus ships at 10 wks (although Greta was 9 1/2 wks due to the upcoming holidays). This is past that fearful stage (although I find it hard to believe that Greta every went through a stage like that!) So, be rest assured, your new pup will be fine. I hope this helps coming from someone other than the breeder. I know you will love your new little girl- they are the best! Greta is such a great dog and so easy to live with! Take care.

* * *

Thanks for the nice letter. Your new dog sounds wonderful, and what great pups those should be! Real working lines, that's for sure. After seeing all what the woman in the Schutzhund club I belong to has gone through in her breeding program, you should be proud that you have gotten the right combination for your pups. She is still learning, and unfortunately has produced several pups from a stud that she used that are unpredictable and dangerous. In fact, the one male who is 18 months had to be pulled from training because he lunges at people for no reason. He is really unpredictable, and the club can't have a dog like that. It's really a drag for the owner, but she realizes it too.
Greta has just been a star pupil in her tracking! She can follow a trail forever, with hardly any food to motivate her. She awesome, and loves the work. It's the one time I see her working ability really come out- the rest of the time she is just a regular puppy!

* * *

She's doing well in her teenage times approaching. Likes her runs in the park, and then life is good. She is tracking like a maniac, and just loves it. We are still going to Schutzhund, although there is not much for her to do there yet. Just a bit of lighthearted obedience with food rewards and tracking. Just waiting for her to grow up (mentally, that is!)
Greta is known as the ball hog at the park near my house. She has this commanding aura around her I guess. When someone throws a ball for their dog, Greta runs out there and gets it instead. The other dogs just let her, since they can just tell she is boss! She dropped someone's Kong toy out there in the dark the other night, and the lady wanted me to help look for it with her. Well, it's dark, and we can't see a thing, so I told Greta "such", and she put her nose to the ground and found it within a minute! The lady was so amazed at her doing that! (and I was a bit surprised myself!) She'd make a great search and rescue dog, I'm sure!
I haven't seen Ramon's pup out at Schutzhund yet. I e-mailed him a while ago, but didn't hear back. I'll try and contact him again and see what's up. Have you heard from the lady in Sonoma? I haven't since she got her pup.
I saw the picture of the black shep that you have. He is beautiful. Let me know how the pups are! Is it possible you may get some sable's with that litter?? I'm not sure on the genetics of the coloring. Should be interesting.
Greta is waiting patiently (sort of) for her night romp in the park. She's going up with me abalone diving tomorrow for the weekend. She went a few weeks ago and was a good girl visiting my friend up there!
Greta is taking my hand in her mouth pulling me away from the computer, so gotta go! Susan

* * *

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