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"Excellence in German Shepherd Temperament is our Specialty and our Breeding Standard for Over 30 Years"
A picture is worth a thousand words when we are answering the question:
"How are your German Shepherds with young children?"

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            10 week old puppies are current on all vaccinations, covered under our extensive Guarantee and are SHIPPED FREE of any charge (after they are selected by you, from a video), including a new airline approved airline crate, complete air fare and associated taxes, misc. charges, etc., comprehensive flight insurance coverage, Veterinarian FAA required health certificate and check-up, all airline reservations and connections set-up by us and free delivery to the departing airport - free shipping to your closest major airport, any where within North America. The only responsibility you have is to pick-up your pup at the airport and start enjoying the best present you ever got for yourselves and for your families additional feelings of security.


Ringo von El Tous
"Bella" vom Ravenholz

Puppies ready for new homes Mid April

Ringo and Bella puppies will sell for $3,500 each.
They will be covered by our extensive OFA/Health warranty and all shipping costs are free within North America.
This breeding has been parentage cleared as DM (Degenerative myelopathy) normal.

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We have 1 female and 1 males available from our Bella and Ringo litter. They are pictured here at 13 weeks old, new pictures and video clip coming soon.   Both are very social, large pups with good medium drives, very suitable for a family home.

Taz at 13 weeks

Taz at 13 weeks

Video clip of Taz at 13 weeks

Uno at 13 weeks

Uno at 13 weeks

Video clip of Uno at 13 weeks

When ever we bring in a new bloodline, in this case Ringo to use with our breeding program, we look for very specific traits in the pups as they mature to be sure that our goals for sound minded, healthy family oriented dogs is continued to the next generation. We look for puppies that are happy and confident with each new situation they encounter, we look for puppies that are relaxed when held with good eye contact and a desire to be close to you, in your lap, all around your feet, we also look for good play drives, but without excessive biting or high excitability and anxiety issues, indicating a higher drive level not well suited for a family home. Another trait that we desire is the natural instinct to leave their nest and the area they eat and play to go potty, this is what makes house training these puppies a breeze and shows a high level of intelligence at an early age. We are very pleased to say that all of these first Ringo babies are hitting every desired trait with ease, they are happy, relaxed, confident pups, excellent digestive systems and very good about going to the furthest areas of their pen to keep their play area clean. They are simply a joy to watch develop.

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