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"Excellence in German Shepherd Temperament is our Specialty and our Breeding Standard for Over 30 Years"

"Letters of Reference"


Copies of original letters available upon special request ( with permission of owners )

Mr. and Mrs. Dave C.

    Dear Tom, Susan & kids,
    Just thought you would like to know about "Lars". We know its only been a few days since we've received him, but you probably miss him, I know we would... Susan, I thought I would have a tough time adjusting to a older dog and not a puppy, but he"s still a puppy - a big one , I love him so much!
    I take him for a walk, he does so well, its like not even walking a dog... he is left in the house for 3 hrs. by himself. No problem, he's a good boy... By the way while I'm writing this, every few minutes I'll get a wet cheek. I don't mind that's what I wanted - a loving dog besides protection...

D. & K. & Lars

P.S. We couldn't be happier with Lars. He' the best.

Mr. and Mrs. Vic P.

    Dear Susan and Tom,
    Enclosed are a couple of photos of Seiger. I know I should send more, but he just keeps growing and changing so fast. He is one dynamite fella. V. and I are still waiting for another pup, female. When we come to get the pup, we'll bring Seiger.

Kathie P.

Mrs. Laura C.

    Hi Susan and Tom,
    We have named the puppy "Blitzen" which means lightning in German. He is a wonderful puppy - I am very happy with him, he's settled in quite well and has adjusted to his new home. I've been taking him to the park daily for a swim and to be around Kids, etc. I'm also taking him to an obedience class, not for training yet, but just for socialization. He is a remarkable puppy - doesn't get flustered or react poorly to anything - very solid temperament, I'm quite pleased. He'll be great for obedience work. I might also train him in Schutzhund work if I can find someone in the area to train with.
    Anyway, I'll be sure to Keep in Touch with you and let you know how he's doing - again I thank for sending me a great puppy - please feel free to use my name as a reference for prospective buyers...

Laura C.

Mr. Undra T.

    Dear Tom,
    "Max"is doing very well and getting bigger as expected. Looking forward with much anticipation to getting "Miesha" with Max, by the end of the month. Glad to here she is doing very well also! She truly is very beautiful just as her parents. Keep my little girl beautiful as you have...


Ms. Susan H.

    Dear Tom & Susan,
    "Essa" is the best German Shepherd. She accepts people so well. She is now swimming in the ocean and at 4 mos goes out above her head so to speak to fetch the stick. I am so proud of her. We now have company from California for 3 weeks & they think she is great for being so young.
    Her watchdog tendencies are increasing, she is a tough cookie...

Mr. and Mrs. Authur C.

    As you know, Mandy is a little over 1 year old and it is not possible to tell youhow much we love her (and she us)... I don't think she has one pound of fat on her, it is all muscle... She is so smart we can talk to her as you would a child and she seems to understand...
    I am so happy we saw your ad... I sure want to thank you and your family. We all wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    P.S. She is also a great guardian of her (our) property.

Mrs. L. A. R.

    Season's Greetings!
    We "love" our puppy, who really doesn't look like a puppy anymore. He weighs over 90 lbs. - and what a handsome dog he is. He has a wonderful personality and likes to have people around... He's always ready to go swimming in our lake or boating on our pontoon boat. Words can't really express how much we truely love this dog. We thank you for raising such wonderful dogs, as I'm sure all of them must be.
    ... I hope you have a nice Christmas - We'll be in touch.


Mrs. Susan R.
West Virginia

    Dear Tom and Susan,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all the time and hard work you put into the breeding and raising of your German Shepherd Dogs. It really shows. People do not realize how important it is to go to the lengths you all have to insure the best possible results
    . As I have shared with you before, I have worked at a veterinary clinic for the past 8 years and I can assure you I have seen so many negative results of poorly bred dogs. It is so unfortunate and so unnecessary
    Maisie has become such a faithful companion. She is truly a blessing. I have had so much fun and enjoyment in raising her. She possesses the true nature of a GSD. She is full of life, so happy, and always willing to do anything to please me. She has a great imagination, she invents games to play. Her favorite is to roll and push around her ball with her bone in her mouth. Now why couldn't I think of that! And it is not unusual to feel her nose nudge me to play her game of "mom throw me my toy" while I am in the shower. Over and over she will bring me her toys and drop them in the tub for me to throw back to her. Now whop has trained who??
    So please keep up the good work to preserve the breed I love dearly.
German Shepherd female Maisie vom Waldenhaus.
Vom Waldenhaus German Shepherd Breeders
Maisie Marie vom Waldenhaus - OFA Certified
Susan R.

PAW PRINTS Veterinary Clinic
Cynthia G. Seiler, D.V.M.
1745 Mileground
Morgantown WV. 26505

    "Maisie Marie Vom Waldenhaus" is a black and red German Shepherd Dog female, 12 months of age owned by Susan R. ...Morgantown, WV.. Energetic and happy, "Maisie" has an outgoing and "willing to please"temperament and from my experience in working with her, she is comfortable meeting new people and adjusts quickly to unfamiliar surroundings. Her conformation is sound. Her musculoskeletal development for her age is adequate and well proportioned. "Maisie's" gait is smooth and pleasing to observe: I detect no abnormalities in her movement. Her physical examination findings are as follows:
    Eyes: chambers clear, normal retinae, normal pupillary responses bilaterally
    Ears: erect carriage, normal external canals
    Mouth: normal mucosa, healthy tooth enamel of upper and lower arcades excellent alignment of upper and lower arcades
    Nostrils: open, free of discharge
    Cardiovascular: oral mucosa pink in color, capillary refill time in one second, normal heart rhythm, 95 beats per minute, femoral pulses strong and regular bilaterally
    Gastro-intestinal: normal palpation of intestines, mesentery and liver, formed feces of normal color and free of parasites on microscopic examination
    Urogenital: normal palpation of kidneys and urinary bladder, normal appearance of vaginal canal, vulva mildly recessed beneath a dorsal fold of perivulvar skin
    Peripheral lymph nodes: normal palpation
    Musculoskeletal: normal flexion, extension, and rotation of the joints of all four extremities; normal palpation of vertebral bodies of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine
    Nervous: normal examination of response

Cynthia G. Seiler, D.V.M.

Mr. Dave M. & Baron

    Dear Tom & Susan,
    Well, by all calculations, "BARON" will be 13 weeks young this Saturday.
    All is well with the hound and he seems to be adapting to his surroundings very well. He's already established his territory in the backyard, the whole back yard.
    He learned stairs the first day he was here and is now a "master of stairs"...
    At night or early morning he wakes us up when he needs to go out...
    Baron doesn't like the vacuum cleaner, but he tolerates it. He also doesn't like garbage cans as he barks at the two in the garage every time he goes out there. Maybe he's just keeping them in line. I took pictures all last week and as soon as I get the film back, I will send you some.
    Anyhow all is well and I am enclosing the "Guarantee" form for your files.
    There are some other people in this area that are interested in your dogs and I have given them your cards for reference. Take care and I will be in touch.

Dave M. and Baron

Nina M. R.

    Dear Susan and Family,
    "Sabrina" has graduated puppy school and will be starting basic obedience in a couple of months. She is 5 months old... and is a strikingly beautiful dog. People notice her when we go for walks. She has brought me a lot of joy. I had a complete stranger, recently, asked if I would consider selling her. My reply was that she isn't for sale at any price. I don't sell members of my family. I love her so dearly..


Nina and Sabrina

Mr. Jake G.

    Dear Susan and Tom,
    "Ham" is doing great. He's fitting in real well. I'd say he's over 40 lbs. now - ( 13 weeks). His size, temperament, color and conformation are excellent. He has huge bones too. He's getting along good with my other dogs. I have 3 other shepherds...
    Best of luck in 95, keep in touch,


K-9 Police Officer Dennis S.

    "Wesson" has become a very lovable addition to our family. He is the first Dog I have ever seen that sits up like a Bear on his own. He is gentle, but at the same time very protective of the home, - which I like. I think he will make an excellent Police Dog. He has an excellent temperament.
    He lives in the house with us. He has not spent a night outside at all. His weight is about 75 lbs. to 80 lbs ( 7 months). When the wife makes chicken breast, she makes one for Wesson, he loves it...

D & family

Mr. & Mrs. K. E.

    We are having a great time with "Kasey". He is such a joy and such a good boy. Very intelligent too! He was not over rated...
    We do want to use your kennel name - (thank you for the privilege)... Kasey is going to school. His teacher Sara Quinn is quite impressed. Because of K. working 2nd shift and my work schedule all we could swing are private lessons - for now.
    We want to thank you again for our new family member. He is so wonderful!

Thanks so much,
B. E.

Dr. and Mrs. D. B.
West Virginia

    Dear Tom and Family:
    This is just a letter to let you know how "Igor" is doing... this spring we had him in a beginner dog show which was a great experience for both him and me! The show which included a chance to introduce your dog to the obstacle course which we did... At the show breeders were stopping and commenting on what a beautiful German Shepherd Igor is. To say the least we were very proud!
    Igor has been taking it easy most of the winter but now that spring is here we are starting back at obedience and hopefully some Schutzhund. I am training Igor with the help of the West Virginia Canine college located just one hour down the road...
    Igor is a great companion and friend. He is exactly what you said he would be and more! We are interested in getting on your list for a second male puppy which would be comparable to Igor...
    D. B. M.D.

    Sgt. and Mrs. B.

      Dear Mr. and Mrs. Forrest,
      The German Shepherd you sold us is as you can see, great with the kids and very lovable. We are so thankful to have him in our family. Hope you enjoy the pictures and you are welcome to stop by and visit him anytime.

    Mrs. B.

    Mr. and Mrs. J. G.

      Tom and Susan,
      ..."Maja" has a great prey drive, good defence, & a nose that can't be beat. I've not started working to much on her obedience yet, just basics using food to work on her to - (sitz - platz, steh ) also to leave it and take it. Also here recall (hier) is starting to come around. I've started "Schutzhund" work on her & she's just great - prey drive is constant - she is a go gitter. There is no doubt about that she can go all the way to a title with no trouble at all.
      I am looking forward to meeting you'all, because of all the wonderful things I've heard about you - (via - Officer David & Janet Ray) Please keep in touch...

    J. & S. G.

    Mr. J. B.

      "Knight" and I are doing great. He just had two shots and didn't whimper a bit. He likes going fishing and rides well in the boat. He also goes to work with me and loves riding in the truck. He weighs 30 lbs now( 11 weeks). Getting big fast. He sure is spunky. Likes to play all the time. Thanks,... I'll send a picture in my next letter.

    Take Care,

    Mrs. J. A.

      Dear Susan,
      ..."Nikki" and I went through another obedience class. We're starting to get it all together. Nikki is in a down stay in one of the pictures... you get an idea how nicely she is filling out. We are all enjoying Nikki. She is a joy to work with - so eager to please, but too smart for her own good!...

    J. A.

    Candice C.

      Dear Susan and family,
      What a great picture of Herzogin! Sugarbear looks just like her. She really is my idea of a classic looking shepherd, particularly in the freeze frame headshot of her in the video and the new photo. Sugarbear gets lots of comments (and I'm always volunteering where I got her)
      ....I learned a lot from my search for Sugarbear, a well - bred dog is unbeatable and actually the search is sort of fun... any way we will be up in your area and will definitely get over there some time on a camping trip and bring Sugarbear by for you to see.
      My latest idea is to try skijoring cross country skiing towed by dogs - Sugarbear is so powerful that she seems like a natural candidate for it!... Thanks for the pictures and advice!


    * * *

    ... and many, many other wonderful people who own our magnificent German Shepherds.

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