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"Excellence in German Shepherd Temperament is our Specialty and our Breeding Standard for Over 30 Years"
Exceptional German Shepherd puppies for sale by:

Bongo vom Waldenhaus

Heide von Haus Milesevac IPO1

German Shepherd stud dog

Click here for Bongo's pedigree.

Click here for Heide's pedigree

About Bongo vom Waldenhaus

OFA Hips certified free of hip dysplacia #GS-84391G27M-VPI   DM certified Normal #GS-DM728/25M-PI   AKC# DN23878401

We are proud to introduce our magnificent BONGO vom Waldenhaus!!

Bongo is a BIG stunning Black and red male by our wonderful stud Boris vom Waldenhaus and our imported female Bona vom Spitzgrund. This was a breeding we repeated many times with outstanding results and Bongo is perfect example of these genetics!

Bongo has impressed us with his calm, even nature, he is super intelligent, excellent house manners, very trustworthy with small children and small pets.

He has a very proud nature about him, he is a tall boy, standing 27" at the withers, he still has some filling out to do, being just 2 years old. He is a very impressive young guy.

Bongo's pups have been exceptional examples of the German Shepherd breed, large sound minded black and red, tons of personality and very high bonding.

Bongo has been certified as "Normal" through DNA testing for DM (Degenerative myelopathy), his progeny by "normal" certified females will be parentage cleared "normal" for this genetic disorder.

"Bongo" at 2 years of age.
Click here for Bongo's pedigree.

About Heide von Haus Milesevac IPO1

"a" stamp Normal hips and Elbows,   DM certified Normal #GS-DM1850/65F-NOPI   AKC# DN25599801

We thrilled to introduce this beautiful import female to our breeding program! Heide is a lovely, super intelligent, well bred German Shepherd. She has a very keen perceptive disposition, exceptional eye contact, beautiful movement, a real joy to watch. She has her IOP1, (equivalent to a Sch1) and is extremely well behaved in our home and with our other dogs, very easy to live with, great with small children and small house pets. We are very excited to see her pups by the Amazing Bongo!

Heide has been certified as "Normal" through DNA testing for DM (Degenerative myelopathy), her litter by Bongo will be parentage cleared "normal" for this genetic disorder.

"Heide" at 6 years of age.
Click here for Heide's pedigree

How do I get a puppy from this breeding?

            German Shepherd Puppy reservation on this exceptional litter are now being taken.   To reserve your spot in line for a German Shepherd puppy from this breeding you may place a deposit of $500, deposits are transferable at any time to another litter. They are only refundable if there are not enough puppies born to fill the deposits taken.   Our German Shepherd puppies are covered by our comprehensive guarantee and will sell at 10 weeks of age for $3,500 each, which includes, free shipping (Air fare, and associated taxes, comprehensive flight insurance, a new airline approved airline crate, Licensed Vet. FAA required health certificate, video of puppies to select yours from, all airline scheduling, delivery to the airport for shipping, etc.) directly to your local Metropolitan Airport within North America.

            The first step you need to take to reserve your German Shepherd puppy from this breeding is to, e-mail us at: GSD@Waldenhaus.com with any questions you have, and to find out how many deposits we have on this litter. Then you will need to place a deposit to hold your puppy. You can place you deposit the following ways:
            Click here to send us your credit card information via Secured Encrypted E-mail.
Or call us at (417) 453-6601 with your credit card information.

A credit card deposit is the fastest way to reserve your German Shepherd puppy, however you are welcome to send a check to:
Vom Waldenhaus German Shepherds
23910 Village Dr. Richland, Missouri 65556

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